Monday - Friday

7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.


 If you are running late, please notify the center by 10 am 

to include your child in the lunch count.


Registration Fee:

A one-time non-refundable $35 to be placed on the waitlist.


Once a space becomes available, a deposit of $150 plus the first month's tuition secures your place in a classroom.

Monthly Rates:

Infants --- $1,316/mo

Toddlers --- $1,216/mo

Twos --- $1,069/mo

Preschool --- $1,051/mo

Pre-K ---- $1,021/mo

We offer discounts for Twins, Grey Stone Church members, siblings and Duke employees.

Call for more information.

Tuition Policy:

Tuition is paid in advance and is due on the 25th of each month.

Late Fees:

If payment is not received, a late payment fee of $35 will be applied to the monthly statement

Late Pick-up Fee:

The center closes promptly at 5:30 pm and the teacher's work schedules are set accordingly. Please plan to consistently complete picking up your child and be ready to leave the building by 5:30 pm.

There is a $15.00 per child late fee for 1-10 minutes late and $2.00 per minute, per child late fee for 11+ minutes late.